A guide to Pork cuts

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A Guide to pork cuts


In this guide

  • A quick guide to the different cuts of pork. 

Navigating yourself through the pork section at your local butcher or supermarket can sometimes be a hard task if you don’t know what you’re looking for to start with. Don’t worry, we are here to help! The following is a quick guide to what cuts of pork you might encounter and what they may be used for when cooking up a storm. KR Castlemaine Fresh Pork have all of the following cuts available, utilising 100% Australian Pork. Please, refer to the diagram while reading.


Pork Loin

The Loin comes from the pigs back. It is large, tender and simply delicious. The Loin is typically used for roasting, however is also great sliced into steaks seasoned and fried up. The only thing that could make this cut better is marinating it like we have done with the Greek It Is! Loin Roast and the Thai It Is! Loin Roast.


Pork Shoulder

The Shoulder, yes, comes from the shoulder of the pig! You will typically find this large cut in the roast section of your supermarket. The shoulder is quite a tough cut, layered in fat which makes it exceptional for low and slow roasting, for a long period of time. Pulled pork is a classic dish for the shoulder.


Pork Belly 

Belly is from the underside of the pig, and is a super versatile cut of pork, mainly because of its high fat content. While it’s typically used for bacon, our fresh pork belly roasts are perfect for roasting and braising. Check out our Honey Soy Belly Rashers, or BBQ Belly Rashers, for inspiration, yum! Belly is not all you will find there though. Pork Ribs are also taken from the belly, and are great for cook ups and feasts. We love our pork ribs marinated, like our Sticky Coffee Ribs, or South Carolina Pork Ribs. 


Leg Roast 

You will usually find the leg cured and smoked and served as ham, however the fresh leg is great for Sunday roasts and braising. If roasting, rub with olive oil, garlic and salt before hand for a simple seasoning. Follow our guide here, if you get stuck. 


Pork Chops

The Pork Chop is found running alongside the Loin, and can be cut from the shoulder end (fattier) or the loin end (leaner). You will find these often bone in or out, cut thick and thin, however, they are simply a delicious cut. You will find us marinating our pork chops before cooking up, like these Phuket Pork Chops, or these Peking Pork Chops

That’s definitely enough pork information for now, now get out there, pick up one of these delicious products and get cooking!


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