Healthy Pork facts

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Healthy Pork Facts


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  • All the reasons you need to eat lots of pork!

Pork is meat that comes from the domestic pig. At KR Castlemaine Fresh Pork, we use nothing but 100% Australian Pork for our amazing products. Fresh pork can be extremely beneficial to one's health when included in a balanced diet. 

Macro Nutrients 

Like most fresh meats, pork is a food that is very high in protein, and will differ in fat amounts depending on the chosen cut.  100g of cooked minced pork will contain around 25g of protein and 20g of fat, with no carbohydrates. 

The protein of pork contains all 9 of the essential amino acids necessary for the bodies growth and maintenence. Essential amino acids are broken down and absorbed by the body to help muscle growth and performance, and support a host of bodily systems. 

Whilst pork contains varying amounts of fat, it is made up of very similar amounts of saturated and unsaturated fats than that of beef and lamb. 100g of pork will roughly contain 7.7g of saturated fat, 9.3g of monounsaturated fat and 1.9g of polyunsaturated fat. 

So if you want a meat that will keep you satiated, while providing huge benefits to growing muscles and repair, then pork is the choice for you. 

But that's not all...


Micro Nutrients 

Pork is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy bodily function. Including.

Thiamine - an essential B vitamin that has an essential role in various bodily functions. 

Selenium - pork is rich in Selenium, an essential trace mineral responsible for many bodily processes, including cognitive function, immune system and fertility. 

Zinc - Important for a healthy brain and immune system!

Vitamin B12 - Essentially, only found in foods that are from animals, vitamin B12, is important for blood formulation and brain function.

Iron - pork is an outstanding source of Iron as it is much more bioavailable (absorbs better) in meat than in other sources. 

Niacin - Also known as Vitamin B3, is important for growth and metabolism. 


Other bioactive substances

The following substances are found in pork and can be particularly beneficial to human health. 

Creatine - abundant in meat, creatine is an energy source for muscles. 

Taurine - an antioxidant amino acid, beneficial for heart and muscle function.

Cholesterol - Beneficial to human health, moderate intake of cholesterol does not affect cholesterol levels in most healthy people. 


Pork is a nutrient dense, superfood! High in protein to facilitate healthy muscle growth and function, moderate amounts of fat to help keep you fueled and satiated, and finally packed full of micro nutrients to help your body function healthily. 


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Healthy Pork Facts

All the reasons you need to eat lots of pork!

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