our top leftover ideas 

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Our top leftover ideas for chinese new year!

Christmas and the New Year may be behind us, however it's still a festive time of year as we enter into the Chinese New Year, and we see about the Year of the Rat! For us, any excuse to cook up some delicious pork is a good excuse, yet we often have lots of leftovers! So, we decided to put together a list of go to quick meals for the next day. These meals are quick and simple to make, mainly because they utilise our pre-marinated products. Specifically, our Sticky Chinese BBQ and our Asian Inspired Pork Mince. 

We all know meals taste better the next day, however by changing up your leftovers into their own dishes, you can make things a lot more interesting!

1. San choy bau

With our Asian Inspired Pork Mince, this famous dish has never been so easy. And if you're anything like the KRC Team, you won't get sick of this dish, even the next day (it's even better). Simply fry up the mince according to the cooking instructions and serve into lettuce cups with garnish of your choice! Coriander, peanuts, chilli, carrot, and spring onion are all favorites of ours.

We love this dish because it is just so easy to re-heat and enjoy at work or at home the next day.

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2. Pork Dumplings 

Ahh dumplings, is there anything better? Fried or steamed pork dumplings are an absolute staple in our weekly cooking. These are easy already, however with our Asian Inspired Pork Mince, they are even easier. Simply start by finding some dumpling wrappers (gyoza), at your local supermarket. Cook up the mince according to the packet instructions, and spoon the mince into the dumpling wrappers and pleat the dumplings. You can use a small amount of water to seal the dumplings. Simply steam the dumplings and enjoy. We make up a whole bunch of them and freeze them for later use.



3. Cold Rolls 

Cold rolls are a classic lunch dish. Yet rarely do we have a crack at making them ourselves! Well if you have just finished up roast night using our Chinese Sticky BBQ Roast, cold rolls are definitely the perfect way to use up leftover roast, and impress your friends and colleagues at the same time! Not convinced? Never fear, you can find lots of instructions on how to roll cold rolls online (it's really quite simple), and using leftover pork makes it all the more easier for lunch the next day. Simply pack your ingredients, lettuce, rice noodles, mint, coriander and chilli along with the leftover Chinese Sticky BBQ Pork, and get ready to enjoy the best lunch yet!

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