4 meal prep tips for your week


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4 meal prep tips for your week


Whether you are cooking for one, or a whole family, meal preparation is a great way to save time and money whilst enjoying your delicious cooking everyday. Why settle for pork once a week at dinner when you could be enjoying it with your lunches for half the cost of eating take-away. In this guide we give you 4 easily applicable tips for preparing your meals and enjoying them all week.  


  • Choosing the right meal for you
  • Cooking for days
  • Storing your food correctly
  • It's all about the snacks!


Is this the first week of your new diet? Or, are you just sick of eating fast food at lunch time? Whatever your reason for deciding to prep your meals, it's important that you choose the right meal for the process to be a tasty success. 

Meal prep makes sticking to a diet much easier. When it comes to lunch time, instead of forking out for unhealthy food, you will be reaching for your delicious meal that fits with your diet. For those just looking for convenience and savings, pick something you like and get cooking! 

We recommend keeping it simple at first. Grilled pork with salad or veg, curries, stir-frys are all great ways to prepare meals as they are easy to store, heat up and eat. Try to avoid ingredients that aren't that great reheated, or are difficult to prepare on the go. For the more adventurous try recreating your fast food classics. Pulled pork sliders, crispy pork vietnamese rolls, yiros? Get creative!


Now that you have mastered the art of preparing your lunches, why not extend the practice to dinner? What could be better than getting home and just having to heat up your delicious, healthy meal? Pick a nice pork curry, or stir-fry and change the flavours up week to week. Try swapping your lunch with your dinner some days so that you don't get bored of the same meal.


This is very dependent on your meal, however, as a general rule, keep all your meals in sealed glass containers and keep them frozen or in the fridge. If crispy pork salads are on the menu this week, maybe keep your meat separate so that you can heat it up and add it in nice and hot. 


Let's not forget about the important things. If you are like us, we love snacks throughout the day to get us through. They are in most cases, quick and easy to make and will get you out of trouble between lunch and dinner. Simply make up a batch at the start of the week and pack them in your lunch each day, we recommend maple bacon cookies. Yum!

So there you have it! Meal prep is a great way to keep on track with a diet, or keep organised so that you can focus on enjoying your lunch break, rather than rushing around looking for expensive take-away! 


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