What to look for when buying aussie pork

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buying aussie pork


As the global demand for pork products increases, the Australian pork industry is struggling to meet the demand. Among many other products in your local supermarket, you will often find imported pork products filling the void for Australian consumers as demand increases. We understand that the Australian consumer is very loyal to Australian produce, so at KR Castlemaine Fresh Pork, we use only 100% Australian Pork, produced in the pristine riverland region of South Australia.


So how can you tell?


In Australia, our meat industry is made up of individual governing bodies that support each industry as a whole. Austalian Pork Limited (APL) manage the pork industry, and therefore set and uphold the standards for production of pork products in Australia. This ensures any business producing pork products in Australia are adhering to a unique set of guidelines required to sell pork here locally.


The PorkMark 

As part of selling 100% Australian pork, we use the PorkMark created by APL to guarantee that products are in fact 100% Australian. You will find this mark on all of our KR Castlemaine Fresh Pork products, as we have signed an agreement with the APL to use this logo on only products that are 100% Australian. Easy right!

So, when in doubt, simply look for this logo on our packaging and be assured that our pork is 100% Australian.


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