pulled hoisin pork party pies

aka mr crowd pleaser

the perfect party finger food

Looking for a tasty finger food to please everyone?

These crazy tasty pulled hoisin pork party pies wont hang around for long. Stand back and watch the adults and kids fight over the last one!




these guys wont hang around for long!


Place KR Castlemaine Hoisin Scotch Butterflied Pork, with all sauce and a dash of water in a slow cooker set on low, let cook for 4-5 hours until easily torn with a fork.

When pork is tender, shred with two forks until completely pulled apart and leave in slow cooker on low.

Set oven to 200°C and
cut 9cm rounds* from your puff pastry sheets for pie bases and 7cm rounds* for the pie tops. Place covered, in fridge until needed.

Push pie bases into the cups of a greased medium sized muffin tray, followed by shredded pork to 0.5cm from rim. Place pie tops ontop and press gently on edges to seal pastry. Brush with melted butter and Cook for 15-20 minutes so your pies are deep gold in colour, remove from tray and serve!

*Sizes are approximate; you can use anything round with an edge to cut pastry.



  • KR Castlemaine Hoisin Scotch Butterflied Pork
  • 3-4 Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets, Thawed
  • 30ml Melted Butter